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Corporate News

Experts of SECRI/TICW/GWCA visit LTK

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Manufacturing is the core of the national economy as well as the foundation of the country. On March 5th, 2015, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered the "Government work report" at the two sessions, and proposed "Made in China 2025" for the first time and expressed that manufacturing industry is China’s dominant industry, therefore, the innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, foundation strengthened and green development should be implemented continuously to drive China from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality, which provides a good opportunity for LTK.


△△△ The symposium

The experts fully recognized and affirmed the standard and orderly production workshop, high-end precision testing equipment and advanced and strict production technology after the visit. Meanwhile, the discussion about the technical went in deep by the two parties, which included establishment and participation of Chinese cable industry standards in the fields of electric vehicles, medical treatment, high-speed communications, the cooperation of combustion laboratory projects, the inspection methods of VOC standards and the comparison of robot wire experiments at home and abroad. Finally, the development prospect of the cable subdivision market was discussed.


△△△ General Manager Jin Zhe (Left one) is introducing the exhibition hall for the visiting experts


△△△ SECRI Chief expert Mr. Mao(right one) is communicating with LTK General Manager Mr. Jin Zhe(left one).


△△△ Group photo


       In the future, LTK will aim at the front end of the market , focus on high-speed communications, electric vehicles, industrial automation, medical treatment and other application fields, coopetate with SECRI/TICW/GWCIA and other national authoritative institutions with strong R & D and innovation capabilities, striving to provide the most competitive communication and electrical equipment cable solutions in the world, and persist in creating maximum value to our customers.

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